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The Elisa Natural Stone Water Feature is carved from Stunning Natural Rainbow Sandstone. The twisting grooved lines make this stand out from any other spherical Feature. Its large opening ensures it’s a noticeable Water Feature in any Garden. Available in various sizes


The Eridanus Natural Stone Water Feature has two outlets and a chiseled finish, this creates a stunning affect as the water gently ripples down. Produced from Natural Rainbow Sandstone. Ideal Garden Fountain for Modern or Traditional Gardens and Landscaped areas. Available in various sizes


The Hydrus Natural Stone Water Feature is of a smooth Spherical design with a large opening to create a stunning Feature with the water bubbling on the surface. Crafted from the Beautiful Natural Rainbow Sandstone, a perfect Water Feature for any Garden and Outdoor Space. Available in various sizes


The Lyra Natural Stone Water Feature has a tapered appearance and a ribbed surface, if the gentle sound of the water doesn’t grab attention then the stunning colours from the natural graining of the stone most certainly will. Produced from Natural Rainbow Sandstone. A great way to create interest in …


The Pavo is a Natural Rainbow Sandstone Water Feature. It Smooth contemporary cylinder shape will certainly transform an area in any Garden/Landscape design. Available in various sizes